Fundraising Tips

When you ask someone to donate to your fundraising page, you are giving them an opportunity to do something to help others. Here are some tips for maximizing your fundraising potential:

Set a fundraising goal

Make sure you set yourself a fundraising goal so your supporters know what you are trying to accomplish. This target should be a challenge for you but also achievable with a little help from your friends and family (and co-workers, neighbors...).

Customize your giving page

Make your page unique and interesting by loading a photo or video and telling your story. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for support

When asking for donations (in person, through email, social media, etc.) be confident and remember that you are not asking for yourself but for funds to support a cause important to you. 

Write a personal letter or email to all of your contacts asking for support.

Record a video with your phone asking for donations and post it on social media or include it in your email to friends and family.

Update your email signature by adding your personal fundraising page URL.

Matching gifts

Many companies may match their employee’s charitable giving, so ask your donors to check with their HR department if a matching gift program exists.

Ask others to help you raise money

Ask your friends, family and coworkers to reach out to their personal networks to help collect more money for your fundraising effort.

Donations in lieu of gifts

Ask that a donation be made to your giving page in lieu of gifts for a wedding, birthday or holiday.

Thank your donors

Most importantly, thank your donors. Happy donors are donors who will support you again in the future. Be sure to personally thank every donor you have to your giving page through handwritten notes or email.

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